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Studio Services

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I will balance the volumes, EQs and stereo image of your track/full album to deliver a professional, great-sounding result. I can tune your vocals, fix timing and apply all kinds of signal processing. I am happy to be uninvasive or extremely experimental at this stage, as the project requires.

£50/track, £300/album


I will get the tonal and dynamic balance of your track/full album just right and in line with industry standards, so it will sound great on streaming or physical media. I aim for competitive loudness, but not at the expense of fidelity or musicality.

£40/track, £150/album

Composition & Other Services

I will provide an electronic soundtrack for your film/game/advert etc. I can also edit your podcast, run your MIDI tracks through my vintage synthesisers, or act as a consultant/second pair of ears for your project.

£Price on request

Plugins: Universal Audio, Celemony, iZotope, Valhalla, Arturia, Waves etc.

Instruments: Roland SH-101, Juno 106, Yamaha DX100, Korg Opsix, Dave Smith Prophet Rev 2; DW drum kit (Zildjian, Sabian, Bosphorus cymbals); guitars by G&L; Fender, Roland and Kemper amplification

Microphones: AKG C414, D112; Shure SM7b, SM57

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